Wednesday, 31 October 2012

JOB DESCRIPTION ( Including do’s and don’ts)


The principle behind forming and making decisions through Board is to ensure that the experience and expertise of individual members can be collated and assimilated. In order to structure the decision making process through the Board, a method of facilitation is required. Normally, the facilitator is designated as the Chairperson of the Board. The Chairperson is required to call the meeting to order, lead in various discussions, move the meeting as per the agenda items proposed and ensure that there is discipline in the meeting. When the Board is not in session, the Chairperson also acts as a key representative of the organization to the outside world.
The role that the Chairperson of the Board plays is different from all the other roles on the Board. It is the Chairperson’s job to ensure that the Board operates as a team and everyone on the Board has a say.

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Chairperson is a "Leader" or "Leader among the equals"... Please share your views with us.