Thursday, 16 August 2012



The Board is supposed to be the most powerful body of an Organization and in the absence of an effective Board it is very difficult to ensure good governance in any organization. Diversity plays a very crucial role in forming an effective Board. However, it has been seen that in many Organizations diversity is not given much importance. Now, the question is what does diversity mean?  Diversity may conjure up a racial and ethnic mix. This is certainly a part of it, but diversity of thought, background and experience is just as important. Having diversity of skills and expertise in the Board is a very important pre-requisite for the effectiveness of Governance.
Diversity leads to more innovation, more outside box thinking and better governance whereas Conflict, lack of cooperation and insufficient communication can be a hurdle for a Diverse Board too.
This tool box re-emphasizes the need for a diverse Board and also provides with a matrix to assess the degree of diversity of the Board and to find out where to bring in more diversity.

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Is a diversity lens important in an Organization? Whether the diversity in the Board should be intentional or accidental? Please share your views/comments with us…